Oaklea Way road damage should be repaired within a week

Update at 2.30pm: Repairs to kerbs and road at Oaklea Way, Uckfield, should be done within the next week.

An East Sussex County Council steward came this morning to look at damage reported by residents and the council has confirmed repairs will be carried out and the developer of the Grants Hill House complex will be billed for the work.

Update at 11.30am: East Sussex County Council has promised to send a steward to examine the area around Oaklea Way, Uckfield, after residents raised concerns about disruption and damage being caused to their road by developers of the new Grants Hill House complex.

A highways spokesman told Uckfield News:

“We have been made aware by a resident of issues regarding damage to roads and kerbs in this area.

“We will be sending a steward to examine the area and if any section of the public highway is unsafe we will arrange for repairs.

“We will also be speaking to the developer to discuss this issue and where appropriate to ask them to make their staff aware.

“If it can be proved that damage has been caused by traffic for the development site we would have the option of claiming back the cost of repairs from the developer.”

From an Uckfield News story published earlier today: Oaklea Way residents are frustrated about disruption and damage being caused in their road by developers of the new Grants Hill House complex.

They say there is virtually zero communication between developers and residents. Cars have been sprayed with cement and ballast and roads and kerbstones have been damaged and dislodged.


Catherine Harker has written to Uckfield News about the trials residents are facing. Read what she has to say here:

“I would like to make you aware of the deep frustration the residents of Oaklea Way are feeling regarding the disruption and damage being caused by the developers of the new Grants Hill House complex off Oaklea Way.

“As you know, Oaklea Way is a small residential street so building anything in this area is bound to impact residents.

“Already they have endured weeks of heavy lorries removing tons of spoil from the site going one way and lorries bring in tons of building material going the other.

“There has been almost zero contact made by the developers to the residents to see how the impact of this could be minimised which has resulted in cars being sprayed with both cement and ballast from lorries manoeuvering up the road. oaklea-way-5

“That, and builders vehicles parking all the way up the road has not made it a good place to be during the daytime.

“Already the road has taken a hammering as the smaller, but still large spoil lorries have reversed back down from the site (because there is no room to turn), turned into the Oaklea Way cul-de-sac, scrubbing off the tarmac surface with the power of their wheels and dislodging corner kerbstones on the way.

“Very large vehicles, such as the one that brought the crane to site, have to reverse all the way from Rocks Park Road – no mean feat if there are cars parked on the way!  And absolutely no discussions with the residents beforehand about them moving their cars to avoid potential damage!Oaklea way damaged surface

“On Wednesday they had a delivery of (I understand) large concrete beams.  This was a very large lorry which also had to reverse from Rocks Park Road.

“You can still see HIS tyre marks on the grass verge in Rocks Park Road where he mounted the area to get a swing into the road.

“Then, as he reversed into Oaklea way he again mounted the grass verge to get the right angle and in doing so has both churned up the verge and dislodged a large section of kerbstones on the right hand side.

“I’m not sure if he then didn’t have to make another adjustment as the kerbs on the other side of the road further up have also been screwed out adjacent to a gulley.

“This is obviously a Highways issue where a driver has damaged highway property (which should by law be reported?) but it is also a Wealden sponsored project.

“Whilst we have complained to the developer direct and logged the damage on the East Sussex Highways website, we have no confidence that the matter will improve and we are only at the foundation stage of the buildings!

“We need some assurance that Oaklea Way will be restored to Highway Standard at the end of the project and  that there can be some effective regular communications between the site and the residents during this disruptive development phase.


• Uckfield News has contacted Wealden District and East Sussex County councils to see what they have to say about this issue.

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