Grass verge on Eastbourne Road, Uckfield. (File picture)

Number of complaints about grass cutting falls in Uckfield

Uckfield Town Council is receiving fewer complaints about grass cutting since it started contributing towards the cost of cutting verges.

Last year the county council reduced its grass cutting service, in urban areas, from five/six verge cuts a year to two.  It said the previous service could be retained if the town council contributed £6,009.

Town councillors refused to contribute to start with but then a vote went in favour of the spending.


A meeting of the town council last night was told that the number of complaints had ‘substantially reduced’ this year as a result of contributing to the service.

More grass cutting was expected to be carried out July 31, September 12, and October 23, depending on weather conditions.

• Initially, in March 2018, the town council refused to contribute funds towards grass cutting.

Cllr Diane Ward said the town didn’t have a “golden money pit” while Cllr Paul Sparks said: “It comes to the point: do we care about our town enough that we want it to look smart, clean, tidy, pride to live in our town. To have our verges cut on a regular basis is one way we can achieve that.” See: Frequency of roadside grass cutting in Uckfield to be slashed.

In October 2018, after further discussion councillors voted to pay for the additional cuts. Read more here: Uckfield to pay for more grass verge cutting.

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have ‘substantially’ reduced this year

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