A diesel awaits departure from Uckfield station. The BML2 could link the town with Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Canary Wharf and Stansted airport

‘Now is the time for BML2 rail project’, says campaign group

There’s never been a better time to start building the Brighton Main Line 2 (BML2) railway, which would run through Uckfield.

That’s the message the group promoting the project is taking to the highest levels of government.

It points to three developments which have “propelled the Brighton Main Line2 project further forward”.

National Infrastructure Commission


  1. An influential Conservative think tank, the Bow Group, said BML2 would alleviate the “woes of many commuters from Brighton to London”.
  2. Lord Adonis, who has previously backed the scheme, has been appointed to head the government’s National Infrastructure Commission
  3. Consultants appointed by the government to evaluate the strategic case for more investment in rail in the area invited the BML2 team to give a presentation at their London HQ.

Sussex section is straightforward


The consultants were told the Sussex phase was straightforward in engineering terms, and would immediately deliver wide-scale benefits right from the day it opened.

“Absolutely nothing can be gained by delaying its implementation any longer, but there is much to lose, particularly in terms of the South’s economy – as many others have pointed out,” a spokesman said.

The Kent section was also straightforward.

A BML2 spokesman said: “It was then explained the London phase was unquestionably the most multi-faceted and costly to deliver.

“However, its commercial and social value would far exceed its capital outlay.


A map taken from the BML2 website which shows the scope of the project

“This phase would reap the highest rewards, not just in terms of passenger benefits, but economic regeneration and growth across East London and its business centre at Canary Wharf.

“A particular BML2 bonus (also termed ‘Thameslink 2’) must be taken into account – its ability to remove vast quantities of unwanted central London congestion from London Bridge, Blackfriars, Farringdon, Liverpool Street, etc.”

Gatwick and Stansted airports


“Gatwick and Stansted airports would be particular beneficiaries with direct, faster and increased connections to Canary Wharf, Stratford International and Crossrail.

“Linking these two London airports seamlessly together with one dedicated fast rail service through East London would be possible with BML2.

“Building such fundamental infrastructure is critically important in terms of securing both airports’ future well-being and prosperity – especially if London Heathrow is granted expansion through a third runway.”

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