Nine-hour parking limit suggested for Uckfield town centre

Free long-term car parking in Uckfield town centre should be restricted to nine hours when the new rail station car park opens next year.

That’s what Uckfield Town Council has told Wealden District Council which is reviewing parking and is expected to report later this autumn.

The town council believes parking in the town centre should be “centred round the local economy and provide parking for shoppers and those working within the town”.

Commuter car park

The council said it was aware that many of the current 13-hour maximum parking time spaces are used by commuters to the “exclusion of almost everyone else”.

“The proposed commuter car park opposite the station will only be effective if the limitation in parking hours and subsequent fines for overstaying the parking periods at Luxford and other town centre car parks make the proposed commuter car park more attractive.

“Whilst it is accepted that the proposed car park will be a pay car park, and will, accordingly, not be popular, it is important to ensure that the alternatives are even less popular.

“It is suggested that the current 23-hour spaces be converted to nine-hour spaces to accommodate those who work in the town with the rest of the spaces being three-hour spaces for shoppers,” the town council has told Wealden.

Tesco and Waitrose

The town council has also suggested that supermarkets Waitrose and Tesco be asked to set aside spaces in their car parks for staff and to adjust their parking time limit to three hours to have “more harmonious parking times throughout the town”.

“This would help take pressure off the town centre car parks and provide adequate time for shoppers to use other shops in the town if necessary,” the town council said.

It admits the parking charges in the new car park combined with tighter control of town centre parking could lead to commuters using residential roads which “will probably lead to conflict with residents”.

“It is therefore essential that there is significant co-ordination with the Police to enforce parking restrictions in these surrounding roads and also by Wealden to enforce their new car parking orders,” the town said.

Parking Fact File

  • Wealden District Council owns the Luxford Field and the Regency Close (north and south) car parks
  • Luxford Field has 35 short-stay (3 hours) bays and 219 long-stay (23 hours maximum)
  • Regency Close (south) has 22 short-stay bays
  • Regency Close (north) has 17 long-stay bays.
  • The car parks serving Tesco and Waitrose and privately owned as is the one next to the bus station serving Bell Walk.

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