Newcomer – looking forward to a less noisy and polluted Uckfield

Occasional columnist Uckfield Newcomer looks forward to the day electric cars give us a less noisy and polluted Uckfield.


Newcomer writes:

I recently completed a survey from Wealden council about electric cars, including where you would suggest would be a good place to install them.

The amount of pollution going through the Ashdown Forest and elsewhere in Sussex seems to be a regular subject of conversation, so it only makes sense to start looking seriously at the only real alternative of travelling a reasonable distance in the area.

The technology with these cars has come a long way but the infrastructure is still no way near ready for us all to be using them.


There are still grants available from the Government to help buy them (sadly recently reduced to £3,500) and apparently the latest ones can get up to 200 miles on one charge.

A few MPs have only recently suggested that the Government’s target of 2040 to stop the sale of new diesel and petrol cars be brought forward to 2032, and if implemented would make all us sit and a take notice.

Realistically, hybrid cars are the way forward for most people and these will still be sold after this point, but even these will only be “plug in” options instead of the majority current versions.

Obviously the budgets are tight at the moment but hopefully the various councils and councillors involved can start looking at the best way of introducing these to the town. A less noisy and polluted world is not too far away now.

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