An example of SID, a speed indicator device, with smiley face as someone drivers within the speed limit.

New version of SID could come to Uckfield

A new version of SID – a speed indicator device – that used to be seen regularly in Uckfield could be brought to the town.

East Sussex County Council’s road safety education team has invested in a new generation device which is available for community use.

The portable road sign indicates the speed of approaching vehicles and encourages them to slow down. If within the speed limit motorists are greeted with a smile, if not they get a scowl.

The county council says: “Studies have demonstrated their effectiveness in reducing speeds by as much as 8.8mph.

“During a monitored trial, analysist of 4730 vehicles identified that 2091 (44%) were over the speed limit when the SID first registered them. By the time the vehicles had reached the SID only 80 were still i excess of the speed limit (3.7%).

Members of Uckfield Town Council’s environment and leisure committee welcomed the idea of a SID returning to town.

Committee chairman Cllr Mick Dean said it was a “great idea” and the town council should definitely borrow the device, but he warned there were issues and problems to be considered such as who takes it where, who would work it, and about training.

Cllr Duncan Bennett said the last SID was very popular and former councillor Jim Molesworth-Edwards did an excellent job of running it extremely well over a period of time.

Cllr Bennett said there were places though where the device was needed most where it couldn’t be used.

One was in Framfield Road on the route into town where the speed limit reduced to 30mph. Proximity to the hospital junction meant it couldn’t be used there.

Committee members decided the item should be included in briefing notes to get other councillors involved in the project so that a community speed watch campaign could be launched.

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