New Uckfield traffic lights should be programmed and active next month

MOVA technology which should help with the flow of traffic in the area of Framfield Road and Bell Lane junctions, Uckfield, should go active next month.

Senior development control engineer for East Sussex County Council Elaine Martin told members of the Uckfield Town Centre Regeneration Joint Committee the news at a meeting yesterday.TCR UN The meeting was held in the Weald Hall at the Civic Centre.

She added that a left hand filter was being incorporated from High Street into Framfield Road. Local schools would be informed when this was to be turned on because it had been noticed that pedestrians tended not to utilise the signalised pedestrian crossing.

Instead they crossed independently and that could put them in conflict with traffic now turning left. She added: “We will also be putting in place some extra road markings, ‘look right’, into place.”

Line marking on the High Street was being reviewed and it was hoped to delineate two lanes running north from the river bridge to Bell Lane to improve driver confidence and ensure both lanes were used.

Seating is also being sourced so that it can be placed outside Peacocks.

Elaine was asked about the choice of trees which could be planted in the High Street. She said they would be Acer Streetwise, chosen because they were suitable for an urban environment. Their roots would be contained within tree pits.

There’s more about the trees, and tree pits, in a previous Uckfield News story: Tree pit drainage system could help with Uckfield flash floods.

Section 106 monies

Money for Uckfield High Street improvements comes from Section 106 agreements made specifically for the purpose when planning permission was given for large developments, mainly in town.

Wealden District Council’s head of planning and environment services, Kelvin Williams, gave a breakdown of the figures which totalled the £3 million accounted for so far.

They included: Grampion site at Five Ashdown, £230,000; Eastbourne Road, Fernley Park, £1.7 million; Park Farm, Maresfield, £250,000; Sandpits, Uckfield, £300,000; and £10,000 from a development at Great Totease Farm, Buxted.

He said more money was coming forward – a development at Mallard Drive had £1.5 million allocated to it.

The Welbeck Ridgewood Farm development was not included in the scheme because that planning application was in early stages. A lot more questions would still have to be asked about that, Mr Williams said.

Constitution of joint committee

It was stressed yesterday that Uckfield Town, Wealden District and East Sussex County councils are equal partners on the Uckfield Town Centre Regeneration Joint Committee.

County representative Cllr Rupert Simmons said individual authorities made their own choices of representatives to sit on it and accountability went all the way back to those public bodies.

Cllr Simmons said the county council now had quite a lot of experience trying to bring about economic regeneration projects throughout the county and it was “absolutely proven” that it worked well when all stakeholders worked together to a common objective.

“That model is being used here to good effect and we should expect Uckfield to benefit hugely from the investment programme we are hoping to bring forward.”

He added the proposals were for the benefit of every resident in the community and every business in the community.

District councillor Roy Galley said the joint committee was legally constituted after “significant consultation” and it was the only method to bring all three local authorities together. Mechanisms were in place for joint committee representatives to report back to their respective authorities.

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