New idea to repair Manor Park twittens

Repairs to some Manor Park Estate twittens should be carried out by Uckfield Town Council.

They would be two or three “key walking routes” across the estate to the schools in Downsview Crescent.

That’s the view of the estate’s residents’ association which believes better footways could reduce the number of cars being used to take children to school.

Broken tarmac on a twitten on the Manor Park Estate, Uckfield

An example of the broken surface found on many twittens and paths on the Manor Park Estate, Uckfield

The paths, twittens and alleyways on the estate are in a generally poor state of repair because they were not ‘adopted’ by East Sussex County Council at the time the estate was built in the mid 1960s.

The Manor Park and Hempstead Fields Residents’ Association said in a submission to the town council that councillors would be aware that the developer failed to construct the twittens, paths and alleyways to an adoptable standard.

Consequently, maintenance is the responsibility of nearby homeowners, as set out in the deeds to their property. 

“Sometimes this will be the responsibility of a small number of homeowners but often it runs into dozens.

The path which leads between Hempstead Lane and Downsview Crescent

Twitten between Hempstead Lane and Downsview Crescent

“Whilst the association has actively encouraged owners to take responsibility for the unsafe twittens that they are responsible for and has published a ‘Twittens Toolkit’ to guide owners towards a solution, it is clear that most are not willing or able to tackle the tasks they are confronted with. 

Residents’ association launches twitters toolkit for residents.

“Not least of which is obtaining the agreement of all concerned that the work should be undertaken and then meeting the costs arising,” the association said.

It said it had looked into obtaining external funding to finance the repair work but concluded that even if the funds could be sourced the association would not have the resources to project-manage the work.

A path leads between a boarded fence on one side and a laurel hedge on the other

One of Uckfield’s twittens on the Manor Park Estate

“The current state of the twittens, paths and alleyways is such that it deters parents and carers to use them when dropping off or picking up their children at the schools in Downsview Crescent, resulting in greater car usage which contributes to road safety concerns and is detrimental to the local environment.

“It is thought that a constructive and realistic way forward would be for the town council to take responsibility for repairing just two or three of the key routes across the estate that lead to the schools. 

Key routes

“This would address the car usage issues mentioned earlier and also provide an incentive to those responsible for the twittens that feed into these key routes,” the association said.

It made its comments in response to a consultation on the town council’s draft strategic plan 2020/2025. However, councillors did not add the suggestion to the draft plan.

  • The residents’ association did not specify which twittens/paths it would like to see the town council upgrade.
  • The Manor Park Estate gained planning permission in 1964.
  • Schools on Downsview Crescent are Uckfield College, Manor Primary and Manor Twiglets Nursery.
  • There have been a number of attempts in recent years to try and persuade people to walk their children to school and to persuade parents to park away from Downsview Crescent. However, cars are often parked on the verges, or opposite each, other leaving only a narrow gap for vehicles to pass through. On occasions the road is blocked when large vehicles try to negotiate the road. A renewed attempt to repair the verges is expected in the spring.

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