New homes and adoption of roads – a warning from Observer

Independent Observer says prospective owners of new homes should check on whether the roads are going to be adopted.

Manor Park estate should be a lesson for everyone about what can happen when you leave public footpaths in private hands.

The vast majority of paths and twittens on the estate are crumbling and some would argue hazardous for pedestrians.

All these paths are the responsibility of house owners.

I have been told a path could have up to 100 owners. That makes it difficult to get the property owners to face their responsibilities.

You would think we would not repeat the mistakes of the past but the seed has been sown for a possible repeat at Sand Ridge at Ridgewood.

The developer has not asked the highways authority to take over – adopted is the official term.

This works as long as the company exists.

On Manor, the development company is no more.

A friend claimed the non-adoption of roads and paths had spread, in some parts, to sewers and drains.

These all should be in the hands of the proper authorities to ensure they are properly maintained for the greater good.

In the meantime, make sure your solicitor checks these points before you seal the deal on a new home.

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