Mrs Cathy Dart, new head teacher at Holy Cross Primary School is pictured with some of the pupils.

New head teacher at Holy Cross Primary School, Uckfield

A new head teacher has been appointed at Holy Cross Primary School in Uckfield.

She is Mrs Cathy Dart who joins the school with seven years experience as a head teacher, including in Rye and in Deal.

She has been a teacher for 21 years and her experience in primary school also includes time spent in Peckham and in Brixton, London.

Holy Cross has seen several head and staff changes over the past few years but Mrs Dart has long-term plans to lead the school to success. She has already spelled out a new school vision: First for Dreams.

During her time as head in Deal Mrs Dart successfully raised the Ofsted rating of the school’s leadership from a satisfactory three to an outstanding one in just two years.

Mrs Dart also raised achievement and improved pupils’ engagement and independent learning.

During her first day at Holy Cross, she and other teachers decided on the school’s new First for Dreams vision.

She said: “Our vision is a slight play on words. The teachers and I have a thirst for dreams and we want the children to have that thirst as well.

“We also want Holy Cross children to dream big and for us to be known as the Uckfield school that is first for dreams.”

Mrs Dart, an experienced Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), has forward-thinking and far-reaching plans for the school centred around the success of the children and staff, as well as herself.

She said: “I have come to Holy Cross with aspirational targets for children, teachers, governors and myself.

“I believe passionately that it is the right of every child to receive the highest quality education. I am also passionate about inclusion. I will not entertain excuses as to why any child cannot be supported to achieve or even exceed their potential.”

Mrs Dart, who took up her role last week added: “I strongly believe that children, and all members of the school community, need to feel safe and valued to take risks in their learning.

“Creating a learning culture where everyone’s views and ideas are valued and where getting things wrong and taking risks is seen as a critical step in learning, is very important to me.

“I want all children to experience succewss, but it is every child’s right to also experience failure so that they can build the emotional reilience they will need in life.

“With the support of the governors, I will ensure that everyone in Holy Cross feels valued and special in the eyes of God, growing in an atmosphere of love to reach their full potential.”

Beverley Blanch, chair of governors at Holy Cross said: “The governors are delighted to welcome Mrs Dart to the school. We are looking forward to working together with her to help bring the school to further success.”

• Mrs Dart has taken over at Holy Cross Primary School from advisory head Karen Bye who was there for a year.

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