New crime-fighting scheme in Uckfield is an excellent idea, says Observer

Our independent columnist, Observer, ranges far and wide over Uckfield issues this week including the launch of Paws on Watch, High Street improvements, the Uckfield rail line and community gardening.


Paws on Watch is an excellent idea, harnessing people who walk their dogs every day as the eyes and ears of the police.

I cannot remember the last time I saw a policeman on the beat in Uckfield and – at least when I have been around – the PCSOs seems to be much less in evidence than they once were.

In fact, again to my view, the only visible sign of the police is in their response cars as they dash off to incidents across this part of the county.

However, I do accept that the police cannot be everywhere and need as much help from the public as they can get as budgets are cut.

Paws on Watch is really an extension of the long-established Neighbourhood Watch scheme which probably needs some reinvigoration.

Most dog walkers are (in the majority of cases) highly responsible.

They must take care not to put themselves at risk, or even think of taking the law into their own hands.

Law enforcement is and must remain the job of the police. report of the launch of Paws on Watch

HIGH STREET IMPROVEMENTS: The town council decision was beyond my deadline but I was surprised to see the Chamber of Commerce vote in favour of returning the money to the developers.  That would be pure profit for housebuilders.

The annoying thing about the this “roof tax” on new developments is that the spending of the “tax” is so narrowly defined by agreements. Pity it doesn’t just all go into a big pot for divvying up on major town schemes.

UCKFIELD LINE: Glad to see the Wealden MP Nus Ghani is “on Southern’s case”. I called last week for the company to be referred to the ORR and the Commons Transport Select Committee and that is just what Ms Ghani was doing at the time I was penning my article.

Delighted also with the Budget news, which puts winds in the sails of BML2, and the debate on Southern’s “performance” in Parliament. Keep the pressure on.

COMMUNITY GARDENS: What a great idea, so congratulations to the people in New Town. The latest in Keld  Close is taking shape while, of course, Selby Meadow, continues to set the bar.

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