New Chamber of Commerce president faces a baptism of fire, says Observer

Bernard Smith takes over as president of Uckfield Chamber of Commerce with the town facing a very tricky 2016.

The High Street roadworks and the six-week closure of the rail line to Crowborough will test the resilience of the town’s business community.

Mr Smith and his team at the Chamber should also expect the unexpected.

He struck the right note, in my opinion, when he said on this website:

“We need to revisit our relationship with partner agencies so that there is a more open and constructive dialogue on matters where the town has not only an interest, but valuable experience to bring to the table.”

It is vital everyone connected with Uckfield pulls together in 2016, whether in local government, commerce or the voluntary sector.

Everyone has much to offer and the Chamber should seek to take the lead in bringing people together, along with the still relatively new town council.

Together Uckfield will come out the other side stronger. Divided, we fall.

 WASTE PLAN: East Sussex County Council did the right thing in extending the opening times of its consultation day in Uckfield.

The talk of the need for the grant of planning permission taking into account the surroundings might seem to be good news.

My question is: “Why suggest putting what is almost certainly going to be a dirty, noisy industry next to homes?”

Newhaven people protested over the incinerator until they were blue in the face and the result was that the burner got planning permission and sits as a blot on the landscape.

LATE-NIGHT SHOPPING: Please go and support our local retailers during late night shopping in Uckfield on Friday (and as often as you can).

A lot of effort has been into this year’s event, which extends into the Saturday, which is also Small Business Saturday.

The phrase, use it or lose it has probably never been more appropriate.

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