The entrance to New Road, Ridgewood, Uckfield, from Lewes Road. (File photo)

New bid to keep HGVs out of New Road, Ridgewood

Improved signs on the A22 at Little Horsted will, it is hoped, prevent HGVs using New Road, Ridgewood, as a shortcut.

Residents are angered that lorries going to the industrial estate at the eastern end of New Road illegally take a short-cut, ignoring restriction signs at the junction with Lewes Road.

County councillor Chris Dowling, Conservative Framfield and Horam Division, whose area covers Ridgewood, said the long-running campaign was coming to fruition.

Additional signs would be installed at the Little Horsted roundabout on the A22 to try and keep the lorries out of New Road.

He said “developer money” had been found to pay for the work.

Comments from Uckfield News readers:

John Goring emailed to say: New signs will make very little difference to the HGV problem on New Road as many of the drivers are foreign and cannot, or do not want to read the signs. They just hold their hands up and mumble Sat Nav!

Also ‘except for access’ on the existing restriction signs is misleading as the driver thinks he can enter New Road to gain access to the industrial estate. Unfortunately East Sussex Highways do not seem to grasp this – that’s a surprise.

The road should have been closed as voted for by the residents, but the likes of Chris Dowling were against it.

HGVs are not the only problem as we are plagued by cars from the new estates using New Road as a rat run to get to the Lewes Road. The speed humps are useless, another brilliant idea by highways.

Sharon Winter says on the Uckfield News Facebook page:  No one will take notice until someone gets hurt. The speed humps are a joke. The road should have been closed as voted by most residents but ‘certain people’ including Chris Dowling and the post office insisted on keeping it open. Moving the bus stop to the corner of New Road was a terrible move, people are too impatient to wait so will try to pull out despite the blind spot, another great idea from some idiot.

Mike Brother-Cheer says on Facebook: I never understood how New Road got away with closing for so long. Does someone who works for the council live there or something? Never seen that happen anywhere else! It’s a cut through, it’s useful, if you don’t like it tough. All that said, I get the HGV argument. Why not just stick an ANPR camera there and prosecute anyone who ignores the sign. No point having a law of you can enforce it surely.

John Boniface says on Facebook: Tell me about it. the same problem in Church Street and Snatts Road. Same signage, no action taken by authorities. And they travel as if there is no tomorrow!

Kerry Morgan says on Facebook: New road has an industrial estate on it? Has done for years… Because of that lorrys have used the road longer than most of the houses have been there… The brickmakers arms was named after the brick making factory that was originally on that road… How did they move the bricks? Um.. Well let me see…lorry??

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