Plans have been submitted to turn the grass verge, left, into additional parking spaces for Uckfield Community Hospital.

Need for more Uckfield hospital parking is sad reflection on bus service

Comment by Observer

Plans announced this week to provide separate staff parking at Uckfield Community Hospital are most welcome.

The estimable League of Friends is applying for the planning permission so one is led to believe it will be footing the bill.

The NHS finances are as we know hard pressed so it is no surprise that voluntary efforts are needed.

I would rather that than diverting money from day-to-day hospital work on treating and looking after patients.

Poor round-town bus service

The need for more parking spaces is a sad reflection on the poor round-town bus service.

Over the years they have been cut and pared away to such an extent that thy are little more than useless.

A proper town bus service, integrated with services departing/arriving at the railway station is what is needed.

A regular bus service connecting the housing estates to a transport hub, the shops, hospital/surgery and the Meads surgery seems too much too ask.

Housebuilders contribute huge sums of money to “town centre improvements”.

Why do the improvements have to be “bricks and mortar”?

Good value

Any reasonable person would say investment in a town bus service is potentially good value.

I hope this issue quickly appears on the radar of our new town council.

Read more about the plans for additional parking at the hospital here: Plans for more parking at Uckfield Community Hospital.

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