Need for compulsory land purchase

A report analysing options for future development across Wealden as proposed by the district council is due to be considered by county councillors on Tuesday.

Specific comments relating to Uckfield include the view that there is no scope to improve the current operational capacity of the town centre road network and the A22 town by-pass is reaching capacity.

The document, prepared by Rupert Clubb, county director of transport and environment, says previous assessment work has demonstrated that transport capacity for 1500-2000 houses could be secured through the implementation of an Uckfield Town Centre scheme.

It says such a scheme could require the use of Compulsory Purchase Order powers to secure land. All development sites in Uckfield would be expected to contribute towards the costs of the scheme.

‘Development allocations in Uckfield will need to be of a scale capable of funding such an improvement and if such a scheme is to go forward it will be necessary to consider the likely cost of the scheme and how contributions could be secured,’ says the report.

It goes on to say the county council does not plan to improve capacity on the A22 by-pass and it will be necessary to carefully manage additional traffic demand from development at Uckfield. Read the full report at

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