Much to admire in schools’ Walk and Talk project, says Observer

Our independent columnist Observer likes the look of an initiative trying to get children going to schools on the Manor Park Estate, Uckfield, to “step it out”.


The Walk and Talk idea being promoted by schools in Downsview Crescent could well be rolled with advantages to a much wider audience in the Uckfield area.

Schools across the country are cluttered with traffic, especially at arrival and leaving times.

That causes potential danger, health issues from exhaust fumes, annoyance to nearby residents who find roads and driveways blocked.

It will be healthier for pupils to walk further and for parents.

Finding our own solutions

What’s not to like about the scheme, if the parking problems do not end up being concentrated in another part of the school’s catchment area?

It is another example of a community having to find its own solutions to problems that used to be solved by the presence of a police officer from time to time.

Add this to a growing list, such as on-street parking breaches which our local councils are having to spend time and money on coming up with a workable solution.

Sussex Police has abdicated these jobs as, with cuts and other changes. They are not regarded as a priority with a diminishing number of officers.

Jobs still need doing

I have remarked before that this is what authorities higher up the food chain are doing. They abdicate tasks, leaving the smaller fish to pick up the work and the bill because, come what may, that task is still vital.

Good luck to the Manor Park initiative. I hope it works and spreads to other schools in Uckfield.

However, I would like to see the voluntary scheme backed with a threat of effective enforcement from the police.

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