Moves towards development of the Ashdown Business Park

It looks as if an outline planning application to develop the Ashdown Business Park at Maresfield could soon be submitted.

Wealden District Council has been asked whether a full environmental impact statement is necessary for the development. A letter requesting the screening opinion suggests the statement isn't necessary. It points out that parameters have already been agreed for the scheme and set down in a development brief.

The business park would be sited next to the new East Sussex County Council waste transfer station and be accessed from the new roundabout off the A272 road.

It would be on land owned by Summerthorne and by Wealden Council. Semi-ancient woodland to the south known as Calves Shaw would be included 'to increase the area of undisturbed natural habitat within the entire curtilage of the site' but no formal development works would take place there, says the letter to the council.

It adds that the scheme will provide for a range of buildings for office and light industrial use. 'The aim is to create a quality environment with a high degree of structural landscaping through the retention of existing belts of indigenous self-seeded plantin and through the introduction of more planting throughout the development.'

A wetland area in the south west corner of the site would be retained and enhanced to create further natural habitat and help with sustainable urban drainage systems proposed.

A wildlife and ecology study has been undertaken, says the letter, and is to be included with the planning application.




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