‘Mission creep’ danger for Uckfield Town Council when they plug gaps

If you want a job doing, do it yourself . . . so goes the old saying. Our independent columnist Observer says there has to be a limit when townspeople and the town council step in to plug gaps left by others.

DIY Uckfield – that in reality is the town we are living in.

I don’t mean we suddenly have all become handymen and women around the house and are storming the home stores for paint, wood, hammers, nails, plants and curtain materials etc.

What we are having to do – and perhaps across the country – is get on with basic jobs around the town to keep it tidy and safe.

Public lavatories

I referred to this recently when I warned the town council of the dangers of running public lavatories; a job that is Wealden District Council’s responsibility.

Last week I read on this news website how volunteer first responders are answering calls in Uckfield and surrounds that the ambulance service used to deal with.

Brighter Uckfield

Wealden council has cut back in other areas; street cleaning is one – witness the necessary work of Brighter Uckfield to keep our streets free of litter.

There is, I am afraid, a great danger of what military strategists call “mission creep”.

You start off with good intentions and vow to keep the task within tight confines.

Off-loading tasks

As we all know, situations alter cases and before you know it much of a task that belongs to one local authority has been picked up either by volunteers or the town council.

If the higher tier councils wish to off-load tasks to those further down the tier, make sure they send the money with it.

Without a strong line being taken, I am convinced East Sussex County Council and Wealden District Council will be glad to see others doing “their” work.

CARNIVAL: A great night, as always. I heard some moans about the lack of floats. Those moaning know what to do next year: get their own float together; whether on the back of a lorry or on foot.

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