A bee enjoying the orange blossom shrub

Mild autumn helps the new grass to grow

The grass seed that was sown last month has slowly been starting to grow. It is a slow process and it still looks thin.

Hopefully, the lawn will be back to its former glory next spring, especially as the weather has been damp and fairly warm through the autumn, writes the Uckfield News Anonymous Gardener.

The stormy weather we had caused a lot of leaves and acorns to fall off the oak trees, some of which were still green so there was a lot of sweeping to do in the aftermath of that.

The storm also caused a pot containing pansies to crack after it toppled over.

A hurried trip around the garden in the dark on the night before the storm missed this pot when others were carried to safety.

Fortunately, there was no serious damage.

Flowers that were looking particularly good in October were the hydrangea and the flowers on the orange blossom bush (pictured above). The bush smelt lovely and I managed to take the picture while there was a bee on it.

Weeds have been removed from the borders ahead of winter.

Autumn pruning of roses has also taken place. It seemed a shame to cut some down with buds still in evidence but wind-rock, especially in autumn, can do a lot of damage so it was a job that had to be done.

The last of the summer bedding has been removed. Again this seemed harsh because without frosts the tagetes in particular were still giving a lovely show.

However, they had to come out to be replaced by wallflowers – which will give us a wonderful show in the spring – and pansies which will flower throughout the winter, we hope, during mild spells.

Recently the cat has been coming out into the garden to oversee the gardening. She is featured in the gallery of pictures below. Click on one and then click through.

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