Memo to councils from Observer: Recycling works so leave well alone

Our Saturday independent columnist, Observer, considers the state of recycling in Uckfield and the wider district.


Re-use or recycle is good. I hope we can agree on that.

Wealden District Council through its kerbside collections has a pretty good record in this area, as it quite rightly trumpeted this week.

East Sussex County Council has done its bit with a pretty good network of household waste sites, including the one at Maresfield.


East Sussex and Wealden are on the cusp of throwing some of this good work away; mainly because their finances are under a massive squeeze.

Wealden was first off the mark by declaring that charging for the disposal of garden waste was highly likely under the new contract it proposes to let for kerbside collection.

Hours cut?

That was a blow but East Sussex have piled in to land more punches.

It is talking about restricting the hours recycling centres are open, closing some smaller ones and even floating the idea of charges.

The councils believe such moves will not lead to increased fly-tipping, based on, what they say, is information from elsewhere.

However, they don’t appear to have published any data to back up these claims.

False economy

There’s no argument that local government finances are in a vice-like squeeze.

However, it seems to be a false economy to cut something that is working extremely well.

My prediction is that the moves will lead to more garden bonfires, more incidences of dumping and, overall less recycling.

Think again.

 Southern Rail


I read with deepening gloom this week that Southern will bid for the franchise when it comes up for renewal because, it was reported, (external link) the chief executive said the company had achieved everything asked of it by the Government.

Obviously, the Government sets the bar extremely low.

I think they should ask users of Southern whether they think the company has achieved everything asked of it by commuters.

No, don’t answer!

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