Meet the Uckfield Town Crier

Meet the Uckfield Town Crier … the Uckfield News mascot.

He will be pictured with some of our stories as if shouting out news to townspeople and his image is also used on our social media accounts.

He’s colourful, wearing a red outfit, as associated with most town criers, with green lapels reflecting the colour of the Uckfield News website and a gold waistcoat as in our Uckfield Directory of businesses and organisations.

/images/2009_september/crier (web).jpg

This little man knows he has an important job, you can see the gravitas as he rings his bell and reads from his scroll, but occasionally he gets carried away in the excitement of the moment and leaps up and down with joy.

/images/2009_september/crijump (web).jpg

You will see him doing that when there is particularly good news to report.

We’ve captured him in another pose too. He’s sitting down with bell and scroll beside him just about to go off duty and and is ready for a chat – he can get a little indiscreet at these times.

/images/2009_september/criwink (web).jpg

This relaxed image appears in our Uckfield News gossip section and is used as the profile picture on the Uckfield News Facebook page. We hope you will join him for a friendly chat about Uckfield.



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