Manor Primary School which does not meet the criteria for provision of a school crossing patrol.

Manor School, Uckfield, ‘no longer wants crossing patrol’, councillors told

The lack of a school crossing patrol at Manor Primary School at Downsview Crescent, Uckfield, has been raised officially with the county council.

Members of the town council took up the issue when they met formally with county representatives during the summer.

The town council’s environment and leisure committee heard in May about the lack of cover at the Manor Park school from deputy town mayor, Cllr Duncan Bennett, Trust Independent, New Town.

He said at the time the school was without a “lollipop” crossing patrol after the person who did the job left some months ago.

‘Important role’

He said the county council needed a reminder that the job was vacant.

“It is a very important role on that road,” he said.

The woman who has been the patrol had done a “fantastic” job.

He said: “She stopped kids walking across willy-nilly. She would tell parents exactly what they should be doing with their children.

“It is noticeable with her not there that the despite best efforts of the majority of parents, it is starting to slip.”


This week’s environment and leisure committee meeting received a report on a joint town/county meeting where, it was  reported, that a couple of applicants for the job had been received earlier in the year but subsequently had withdrawn.

“Since then, the school has confirmed that they no longer wanted a patrol person as they were managing without one,” a report of the joint meeting said.

“They feel that children and parents are taking more responsibility when travelling to and from school and are happy with the current situation.”

The report continued: “As the site does not meet East Sussex County Council criteria for the provision of a patrol, the site would need to be sponsored, which is optional for the schools and as a result county is not actively seeking to recruit.

“Should the town council or county councillors wish to discuss sponsorship, it is recommended that they speak with the school first and then the school crossing supervisor, who would be happy to advise further.

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