The Celts and the Romans face each other in the grounds of Manor Primary School, Uckfield.

Manor Primary School turns into a battlefield

Manor Primary School turned into a battleground as children in Year 4 put into practise what they have been learning this term about the Roman invasion of the British Isles.

They have been finding out how the Roman Empire spread across Europe with their army, eventually invading Britain.


Year 4 children at Manor Primary School practice Roman battle formations.

Two Year 4 classes have studied the Romans’ strategy and tactics, designed and made their own shields and finally staged their own showdown between the defending Celts and advancing Roman soldiers.

Both sides practised Roman army formations such as the Tortoise and Wedge.


The Romans protect themselves using the Tortoise formation at Manor Primary School.


Manor Primary School’s Celts hunker down under their shields used in the Tortoise formation.

A more gruesome aspect of the learning journey, Roman Remains, is to come as the children will dissect ‘Roman Poo’ to discover what Romans ate and how our digestive systems work.

They will also be visiting Fishbourne Roman Palace, the remains of the largest Roman home in Britain, and having a Roman banquet back at school.


The Romans are ready for battle at Manor Primary School.


The Celts look ferocious as they prepare to fight the Romans at Manor Primary School.

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