Manor parents spruce up school entrance

Update on Tuesday, July 5: Parents of Year 6 children at Manor Primary School continued sprucing up the school entrance and perimeter on Sunday.

They made a great start on Saturday, as previously reported on Uckfield News, see below, and one of the parents Mike Bell has written a poem about the work and sent more pictures showing progress.

Here is Mike’s poem:

School chips
The gates needed painting,
rusted red – shameful shades,
the kick-chipped exit railings
begged for a uniform coat of paint.

Hardy souls took up the shout,
to buff Manor’s roughened fences,
a slog of slap and weeding,
and school was reinvented!

Some may notice our efforts,
and other parents may walk by,
but down there, at knee-height,
kids’ll see that we have shined.

So pick up a brush, or shovel,
get down to your local school,
tidy up the walls and railings –
it’s what life’s taught you to do!

And here are some of the workers:

manor-parents-3 manor-parents-10 manor-parents-7 manor-parents-5 manor-parents-11 manor-parents-12 manor-parents-8 manor-parents-6 manor-parents-4 manor-parents-2 manor-parents-shelley-peters-amanda-scott-diana-hurnall-phillipa-giles-daisy-bees-heidi-greenwood-laura-webb

Manor business manager Ruth Western has said thank you to Manor parents via email adding: “I will think fondly of this year’s Year 6 students (and their parents!) every time I lock them!


Another verse for Manor lollipop lady

Poet Mike has also thanked lollipop lady Charlotte Savage for her efforts in verse:

To Charlotte Savage – Thank you
Our stoic Lollipop Lady,
Manor’s stick-wielding boss;
she’s out there in all weathers,
the snow, the rain, and the frost.

Her high-vis personality,
cheerful, loud and with grace,
giving those rat-running drivers,
her glaring look of disgrace:

With waved magical baton,
she guides your kids safely across;
to lose this Lollipop Lady,
would be Manor’s greatest loss.

Our original story published on Sunday, July 3: A group of Manor parents are spending the weekend sprucing up the entrance to the Uckfield primary school.

Our picture shows the first of the volunteers who set to work yesterday cutting the hedge and rubbing down railings and gates ready for a new lick of paint.

They are from the left: Madalyn Savage, her mother Charlotte Savage – who has been school lollipop lady for the past five years – Mike Bell with son Wilf, and Shelley Peters.

This is a way chosen by Year 6 parents, whose children move on from the school this year, to say thank you to the school for all that has been done for them.

Head teacher Mrs Margaret Coleman said she was very grateful to the parents for their efforts. “This is completely uninitiated by us and is a wonderful thing for them to do.”

We hope to carry an update on Uckfield News once the work is finished.

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