Luxford car park enforcement doing the job, says Observer

Independent columnist Observer backs the new parking regime at the Luxford Field but says more should be done about on-street parking.

Enforcement of parking regulations will never suit all of the people all of the time.

If you are one of the 400 people who have been fined for breaking the restrictions on the Luxford Field car park you may feel aggrieved.

However, the good news for the majority is that the three-hour limit in the lower car park ensures there are usually plenty of spaces for anyone popping into town for shopping.

That is a huge boost for our shopkeepers. It’s a message they should promote.

There’s plenty of free parking for shoppers.

It’s rare that you would want more than three hours and, if you do, head over to the ten-hour spaces nearer the church.

Of course, some who parked all day on the Luxford Field have been displaced.

Bellbrook jammed with parked cars


The main road running through the Bellbrook Business Park is jammed full of parked cars; a danger for all concerned.

Others have taken to the housing estates, to the annoyance of residents.

A while back, there was a suggestion at Uckfield Town Council of residents’ parking only in parts of New Town.

I’m sure there will be plenty of support for such a move.

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