Lewes Road, Ridgewood, in March 2018 as preparation began to build the access/exits to 250 homes to be built on Ridgewood Farm

Lewes Road calming plans change again – town council dismayed

Developers have come up with a third proposal of how to slow traffic in Lewes Road, Uckfield, past the two new entrances to housing on Ridgewood Farm.

Work has started on constructing the exits and entrances with traffic now only allowed to travel southbound while the works go on.

Two suggested ways of calming traffic on the stretch of road between New Road, Ridgewood, and the Uckfield by-pass have not found favour and the latest iteration has dismayed town councillors who fear serious accidents and injuries will result.


Proposals for chicanes and speed ‘cushions’ – such as those found in Maresfield have gone; to be replaced by a plethora of signs with ‘calming’ based on speed limits alone.

Town councillors had opposed the ‘cushions’

Last night’s (June 18) meeting of the town council was told in a report that the third scheme, proposed by Taylor Wimpey, comprised:
(i) 30mph and 40mph gateway features to include:
(a) Village/town nameplate mounted on ‘gateway style fence’ – details to be agreed with Uckfield Town Council;
(b) Enhanced (yellow-backed) speed limit signs;
(c) Speed limit roundel road marking on ‘red’ patch surfacing;
(d) Verge marker posts on the approaches/exits to gateway

(ii) All road markings to be refurbished:

(iii) Provide yellow-backed 40mph speed limit repeater signs;
(iv) Provide 40mph speed limit roundel road markings adjacent to 40mph repeater signs on both sides of the carriageway;
(v) Provide new verge marker posts on east side of Lewes Road from New Road southwards to the proposed northern site access;
(vi) Provide side road junction ahead warning sign (with yellow backing) to fac  southbound drivers on the approach to and warning of the proposed northern site access. Provide SLOW road marking adjacent to warning sign;
(vii) To increase the presence of proposed northern and southern site accesses, provide junction marking bollards, one on each side of the road at the two junctions.

Dangerous corner

Councillors have long been concerned with the first access point to the estate (heading southbound) which is immediately after a corner.

At the meeting, Cllr Diane Ward, Trust Independent, Uckfield Central, said of the latest proposals: “I have a sheer panic that will be accidents. It will be screech, bang accident.”

Cllr Paul Meakin, Liberal Democraft, Uckfield Central, said: “I don’t see any calming. I just see speed limits and paint on the road.”


He said the road would become a rat race and accidents would happen.

Cllr Mick Dean, Trust Independent, New Town, said: “There is no calming at all. They are just throwing some signs up, not calming the traffic at all.”

Cllr Donna French, Trust Independent, Uckfield North, found the proposals “unbelievable”.

The town council believes a fourth version of the plan should be drawn up, combining the most suitable parts of versions one and three.

• The two access points off Lewes Road are to serve the first two phases of the 1,000 homes development at Ridgewood Farm. This initial building will see around 25 per cent of the total homes built.

Earlier proposals

Version 1– More traffic calming planned for Lewes Road

Version 2 – Even tougher traffic calming planned

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