Snakes head fritillary. Thanks to Rebecca Weddell for identifying this lovely flower.

Lawn mown for the first time and flowers look their best

This month’s sightly warmer weather and sun have brought about a change in the garden.

Flowers are now starting to look their best and I have been able to mow the lawn for the first time, writes the Uckfield News Anonymous Gardener.

Over the winter it had got very long but I had been waiting for a dry day to cut it. Now it is looking much tidier.

The next step is to add new lawn seed in the hope of growing grass in the sparse areas.anonymous_gardener_april_1

I have been planting seeds and bulbs, some straight into the garden borders: Lily of the Valley, Bowdenii and Gladioli, and some in trays which will stay in a greenhouse until ready to be transplanted into the ground.

Among the seeds planted in trays were: Mixed Wallflowers, Sweet Pea, Zinnia and Tagetes.

The tagetes were the first to shoot after only a few days but two weeks later most of the others had come through.anonymous_gardener_april_6_tagetes

Sadly this month, some of the daffodils started to die. When they have gone past their best it is important to deadhead them so that instead of energy being used to make seeds, at the expense of the bulbs and leaves, the energy is taken back to the roots, so you can have a good show of daffodils the next year.

In the last week or so the dahlias have finally shown signs they are alive, most of them have little green shoots.anonymous_gardener_april_10_dahlia

Hyacinths are looking beautiful at the moment, as the next two pictures show, and so is the snakes head fritillary above. Thanks to Rebecca Weddell for identifying the plant. It’s interesting to read more about them on the Royal Horticultural Society website.


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