LATEST: Uckfield river level drops overnight

Update on Friday, March 6

By first light this morning the level of the River Uck had dropped considerably. The pipe was back in view at 6.15am, see below, and it was hard to believe the water had spilled into Mill Lane last night.

The pipe across the River Uck back in view this morning.

Back within the confines of its banks, the River Uck at 6.15am today.

Update at 9.22pm

The river level continues to fall in Uckfield. The 9pm reading, which has just appeared, was 1.84m, down from 1.90m at 8.30pm.

Update at 8.57pm

The river level is visibly falling in Mill Lane now. Fingers crossed the flood threat is receding. It is still spotting with rain.

At 8.45pm the level continued to fall in Buxted and was shown as 2.80m. No 8.45pm update for Uckfield.

Update at 8.47pm

The river level in Uckfield is continuing to fall. At 8.30pm it was 1.90m. It’s highest point so far was at 8pm when it was 1.93m.

Two police cars arrived in Mill Lane, Uckfield. One left shortly afterwards. The river is continuing to spill into the lane.

The water level in Buxted was continuing to fall at 8.30pm when it was at 2.85m. The level there has been falling since 6pm.

View of the River Uck spilling into Mill Lane.

The water upstream of Hempstead Mill.

Update at 8.36pm

The river level in Uckfield had fallen back to 1.92m at 8.15pm, down by 0.01m since 8pm.

The water remains very fast flowing and is higher than it was before Christmas when there was another flood alert.

The water spills into Waitrose car park.

The River Uck laps against the signal box at Uckfield Railway Station.

Update at 8.24pm

The level of the River Uck at 8pm was 1.93m. Slightly higher than at 7.45pm when it was 1.92m. Rainfall remains light.

The river level at Buxted was continuing to fall. At 8pm the reading was 2.98m, down from 3.03m at 7.45pm.

The floodgate next to Waitrose car park in Uckfield is closed.

Update at 8.15pm

The river level has been falling at Buxted since 6pm when it was 3.26m.

At 7.45pm it was 3.03m.

Flood warnings remain at Buxted and Isfield with the less serious flood alert for Uckfield.

Only light rain is falling in Uckfield now.

Our original story

FLOOD: The River Uck has broken its banks and water is pouring into Mill Lane.

Heavy rain has fallen all day and the water in the Uck has steadily risen.

The River Uck from town bridge with the pipe which runs across totally submerged

Around teatime there was flooding of low-lying land at Buxted and it was reported pigs had been moved to safety.

Further downstream, the water is across the road at Hempstead Mill with the fields of the Sussex Horse Rescue getting covered.

At the moment, the Environment Agency has the lowest level of warning out for Uckfield – a flood alert, which says flooding is possible, be prepared.

There are flood warnings for Buxted and Isfield which indicate flooding is expected.

Before Christmas, the water reached a similar level but the rain stopped and the River Uck fell with no damage to property. See report here

The River Uck is measured at the Roller Mill and at 7.30pm the level stood at 1.87m – more than three times a usual level. Fifteen minutes later the height was 1.92m.

It has been rising steadily all day and there is still a vast amount of water upstream in the fields above Uckfield waiting to come down.

Flood waters in Mill Drove, Uckfield, tonight

The Roller Mill soon after 7.30pm

Swirling waters of the River Uck as it comes through the Roller Mill

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