Lack of grass cutting now a road safety hazard, says Observer

Our independent columnist Observer issues a warning to anyone driving along the by-ways of East Sussex.

Take extra care when driving around Uckfield this summer.

Overgrown hedges, uncut grass verges and low hanging branches are obscuring road signs which are a vital road safety feature.

I’ve seen warning signs virtually completely obscured – those telling drivers of speed limits, sharp bends and crossroads.

If you are familiar with the road, you will in all likelihood remember the junction, the speed limit etc … if you are a stranger your chances of having an accident are that much higher.

Verge cutting out in the country has also been penny pinching with not enough thought given to ensure proper sight lines are maintained at junctions.

Add to that the late arrival of the cutters in Uckfield – and the mess which was left – you cannot say East Sussex County Council is covering itself with glory on this issue.

Yes, I know it’s been wet and the growth has been exceptional, but the council’s policy seems far too rigid.

I’m told one contractor covers the whole county. That perhaps doesn’t give sufficient flexibility for grass cutting to be related to the rate of growth and the need.

I suggest the council’s highways officers have a drive round this coming week, spot where warning signs are obscured and book-in some urgent cutting before it’s the fire brigade doing the urgent cutting of people from crashed cars.

Uckfield Farmers’ Market: Delighted to see the town council’s environment and leisure committee is going to get down to work and see whether the market can move into the High Street once the roadworks are over.

There are benefits for the community, the market and shopkeepers.

Let’s work out how to get it done.

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