KFC submits plans to open drive thru restaurant in Uckfield

Plans have been submitted to turn the former Little Chef and Burger King restaurant on the Uckfield by-pass into a KFC Drive Thru restaurant.

The fast food chain has been looking for premises in Uckfield for some time. It told Uckfield News.com last June that a new store would create 40-50 jobs.

A proposal before Wealden Council says the existing shop front at the former Little Chef and Burger King restaurant would be altered to provide an order point and pickup point for drive thru customers.

The development would include a new drive thru lane with traffic direction signs, along with alterations to the frontage to regenerate the appearance of the building.

There would also be a small extension to the front of the building to allow the drive thru to function and a larger extension to the rear.

Documents with the application say: “The aim of the design is to integrate the KFC corporate style to the building. A new aluminium wall cladding is proposed to cover the existing dirty brick finish which is in very poor condition. Hence the appearance of the building would be improved.”

Talks are also going on about the possibility of Cobra Restaurants, who have submitted the planning application, taking over maintenance of the Blackdown roundabout.

“It is generally agreed by all concerned that since planting little maintenance works have ever been carried out to the small plantation allowing the trees to grow and over-crowd and is therefore in need of urgent attention.

“It is also felt that if this situation is not addressed, safety issues may arise due to traffic visibility being compromised. “Senior East Sussex estate managers appear keen to accept Cobra’s offer to carry out maintenance work to this area. These negotiations are ongoing.” The offer is not part of the planning application.

Here’s a link to the story we carried on June 8, 2011: KFC hope to open a drive-thru restaurant in Uckfield.


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