James Anderson.

James Anderson admits sexual offences

Former Uckfield town councillor James Anderson admitted six sexual offences involving three teenage girls when he appeared at Lewes Crown Court this afternoon.

He denied four other charges – one of which related to a fourth girl – which the judge ordered to remain on file.

Anderson was given conditional bail to appear for sentencing on January 2, 2019. He was ordered to sign the sexual offenders’ register.

The judge, Recorder Stephen Lennard, said he was not going to sentence Anderson today, (November 13), in view of the nature of the offences and his good character.

“The sentencing court, in my view, will be assisted by a full pre-sentence report that is going to take some time to prepare. In these circumstances, I am going to adjourn sentencing to January 2, 2019.”

The judge told Anderson: “You should not draw any conclusion or inference from the fact that a report has been ordered.

“You will have been advised these are serious offences and it is entirely in your interests to cooperate to the fullest extent with the probation service and probation officer.”

The judge also said that an assessment for “dangerousness” should be included in the pre-sentence report.

Anderson admitted charges relating to three girls. They were two charges of sexual activity with one child below the age of 16, and one charge of sexual activity with another child below the age of 16.

He admitted charges of sexual assault against two girls, and a charge of causing a person to engage in a sexual act without consent.

He denied two charges of sexual activity with a child under the age of 16 – they related to two girls – and two charges of sexual assault against one girl.

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