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‘Improve Uckfield’ traffic consultation comes to an end

Consultation on proposals to improve traffic flows through Uckfield town centre is coming to an end.

It follows a public exhibition at the civic centre and the publication of plans which include a new car park on the old station yard site, the removal of the roadside parking from much of the High Street, wider pavements and changes to the bus station.

Uckfield Town Council staff collated responses from individual town councillors which included:

  • The 139 spaces would be a vast improvement, which we have campaigned for many years. Commuters that, at present, park in side streets should largely take up these spaces. It might relieve a few long stay spaces in the Luxford Car Park. I say might as a many of these spaces are used by shop owners/staff.
  • The car park is much need but it is not being made clear that this will be a pay to park area and so doesn’t directly replace those being removed from High Street.
  • Unhappy about removing parking from the High Street
  • Bus canopy needs to be older style to keep rain and wind off those waiting for buses, all other improvements welcomed.
  • When the crossing at Church Street is improved, a 20mph limit could be brought in at little extra cost.
  • Tesco roundabout – There is definitely room for improvement and traffic lights have been suggested. The pedestrian lights adjacent to Tesco would have to be incorporated in the scheme.
  • Removal of crossings in High Street not welcomed but removal at Tesco better option, especially as this is where the congestion actually is.
  • It seems unwise to remove a pedestrian crossing from in front of the post office, probably the busiest outlet in the High Street
  • Is it necessary to remove all on street parking from High Street as this may have a damaging effect on shops.
  • How will this gel with plans for the town centre?
  • My only real thought is that £2.2m is a lot for an experiment with paving, where vans etc. will almost certainly cause more problems when unloading than they do at present if there is no loading bay outside the shop they’re going to.
  • High Street – Reducing the width of the High Street would probably tend to increase congestion rather than improve it. Large delivery vehicles will have to make their deliveries to suit themselves and NOT to suit Uckfield traffic management.
  • How long is the rearranging of roads being postponed for?

At a meeting of the council’s environment and leisure committee, town mayor, Cllr John Carvey, said the new car park near the rail station was crucial as was doing work on the Tesco roundabout.

He also questioned whether all the parking bays needed removing and the need to stop the “silliness” of people reversing into spaces near Superdrug which causes tailback across the traffic lights.

County council lead member for transport approves plan for consultation


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