Idea for high speed rail link between Brighton and Uckfield

Rail campaigners are throwing their weight behind an idea for a new high speed line between London and Brighton which would involve upgrading the Uckfield line.

The Brighton Main Line 2 project (BML2) has been put together by Brian Hart, director of the Wealden Line Campaign who lives in Uckfield.

Its key would be a new direct link between Brighton and the Uckfield line achieved by means of a new 1.5 mile tunnel through the South Downs.

A detailed report into the scheme says that because BML2 would run direct it would not only shorten the mileage between Brighton and Uckfield to 15.5 miles but provide a much faster railway.

An introduction on the Wealden Line Campaign website says the BML2 Project represents a serious study which began in the spring of 2009 and has taken Brian Hart a year to investigate and develop.

It goes on to say: “It is a detailed and carefully thought through response to the increasing urgency to provide far greater capacity between major locations in the south East, but primarily London, Croydon, Gatwick, Brighton, Sussex Coast, Tonbridge and West Kent.”

The suggestion is that the programme could be reasonably spread – design and permissions by 2014 and construction by 2020.

“Funding could come from a variety of partnerships, joint budgets, city institutions, private investment, public works, new and longer rail franchises, etc,” says the article on the Wealden Line Campaign website.

“Network Rail, Train Operators and Government will need to contribute a positive approach towards its development and a similar attitude will be expected from the Department for Transport.”

The 44-page document containing detailed plans of the BML2 Project can be downloaded from the dedicated BML2 website.

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