Pavement protection bollards installed at Fernley Park Estate, Uckfield.

How bollards have helped with anti-social parking at Fernley Park

Residents from Manor Park shared their frustration last week about the churned up state grass verges on the Uckfield estate because of ‘inappropriate’ parking.

A similar problem has been solved at Fernley Park and Owen Hoy writes here about ‘pavement protection bollards’ which have been installed.

“I can understand completely the frustration of residents living on the Manor Park Estate with their grass verges being churned up by inconsiderate and anti-social driving and parking of vehicles.

“We at Fernley Park on the junction of Old Common Way and The Spinney have had a similar issue for many years, not with grass verges but with parking on a dangerous corner/junction by mounting the pavement.

“This not only damages kerb stones but manhole covers are destroyed by large HGVs mounting the footpaths in order to negotiate the corner whilst avoiding badly parked vehicles.

“I therefore in consultation with East Sussex County Council and Linden Homes eventually got “PAVEMENT PROTECTION BOLLARDS” installed on both corners which has alleviated the problem a little but more importantly is now protecting the footpaths. See photographs.

“Discussions however are still on-going with ESCC with regards to other possible restrictions on this junction but at present this must remain confidential to us.”


Bollards installed at Fernley Park prevent parking on this ‘dangerous’ corner.

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