Housing survey results revealed

The results of a survey of housing needs across Wealden are due to be considered by the district council's cabinet at a meeting today.

Nearly 35,000 surveys were sent out and there were just over 8,000 responses, a 23 per cent response rate.

The survey revealed that

  • 33.7 per cent of households contain only pensioners
  • 24.4 per cent of households contain children
  • The average age of household heads is 57 (9.1 per cent of households are headed by someone under 35).
  • 13.5 per cent of the housing stock is flats, 12 per cent terraced, 47.7 per cent detached.
  • Owner occupation is 82.8 per cent. The private rented sector has increased to 9.7 per cent from 6.6 per cent as at the 2001 Census.
  • 24.4 per cent of all households are families compared to 33.7 per cent pensioner households, 11.1 per cent single person and 30.8 per cent couples.

The survey goes on to look at employment, how many heads of household are employed, where people work and the type of jobs they have.

It considers income, the average was £26,035, housing need, 862 households will need homes each year, the needs of newly forming households and people needing support in their own homes.

Here is a link to the full report going to cabinet.

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