Some of the gardeners at work in the now transformed community garden at Keld Close.

Planting under way at new Uckfield community garden

There was a hive of activity in a new community garden in Uckfield on Saturday when planting began there for the first time.

The previously neglected corner of land in Keld Close, which has been transformed thanks to members of the New Town Action Group, should soon be a haven of tranquility.


Heads down as new flower beds are prepared for planting at Keld Close.

A year ago it was waiting to be cleared of old tyres, old shed, piles of wood, concrete slabs and some badly planted trees.


Flashback to a year ago before work began to transform a neglected piece of land at Keld Close into a community garden.

All that has gone. A hedge has been brought under control, new fencing put up and a new access created in one corner. Flower beds have been shaped and benches placed.

Residents have been taking cuttings from plants in their own garden and there have been generous donations from others, such as Staverton Nursery.


Kevin Smith and Betty Fairbrass happy in their work at the Keld Close community garden.

On Saturday the beds were being dug over and local gardeners had a clear idea of what was to be planted. For example the central bed is to be for roses and lavender and down one side there are to be hollyhocks, everlasting sweet peas and wild flowers.


Planting out was a real community affair. Mum Tara Mayhew brought along baby Kinta and daughter Talice and is pictured here with Patricia Singleton.

A cherry tree has been full of fruit and neighbours have been able to pick and enjoy them.


Lindsey Pratt is pictured in front of a cherry tree which has been heavy with fruit enjoyed by residents this year.

The piece of land was originally given to the community in 1938 and residents grew flowers and chopped and stored wood there.

Then in the 1990s it fell into disuse and Wealden Council leased it as a garden to the owner of Watch Cottage, which used to be part of the neighbouring old fire station.


Peter Kerwin is working on a flower bed which will soon be filled with roses and lavender.

When the house was sold in 2013 the new owner was happy for it to revert to the community and so planning began to transform the land.


Len Davis forking through one of the flower beds at Keld Close.

One of the local gardeners Christine Wickham said it had been hard work getting to the planting stage but well worth while and everybody was looking forward to being able to enjoy the garden and see the new plants blooming.


Christine Wickham happy now that the new Keld Close community garden is being planted up. This central bed will have roses and lavender in it.

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Linda Anscombe is working on a bed where there will be hollyhocks, everlasting sweet peas and wild flowers.

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