Photograph of the opening of the Cardale Monument, via Mick Harker

Historic Cardale Memorial to stay at Victoria Ground, Uckfield

Update on Monday, April 24: Uckfield’s historic Rev Cardale Memorial is to be restored but remain at the Victoria Pleasure Ground.

Town councillors wanted to move the memorial, which was built in memory of Uckfield’s first rector, to a more prominent town centre site but they have struggled to find a suitable spot.

The latest suggestion from East Sussex County Council was on a strip of land next to The Picture House, which the town council has permission to cultivate, but that was discounted at a meeting last week.

Members of the town council’s environment and leisure committee decided instead that the memorial should be restored and then maintained at the Victoria Ground in the hope that in the future a town centre site could be found.

Cllr Duncan Bennett said he believed the memorial had got a future but not necessarily anywhere discussed already.

What he didn’t want to do was leave it “languishing half in the car park and half across the verge” at Victoria.

He added: “It should be restored and we should look after it for future generations.”

Committee chairman Cllr Mick Dean said a lot of peope in town had no idea what the memorial was. “If we promote that and its history and background this is something else they can look at.”

Your comments:

Mick Harker has emailed Uckfield News to say: “Why can’t the red telephone box by the station be moved and stored somewhere else temporarily so the monument can go straight back in the same position? It needs to be in a central position in the town as a visitor attraction, not ‘lost’ in Victoria Pleasure Ground.”

Memorial move on hold

From our story on January 5, 2017: Renovations of the Rev Cardale Memorial have been placed on hold by Uckfield Town Council.

The delay is to enable East Sussex County Council to look at all options within the town for a new location.

No work will take place until a site is agreed.

At present it is next to the car park at the Victoria Pleasure Ground.

A file photograph of the Cardale memorial at the Victoria Pleasure Ground

A file photograph of the Cardale memorial at the Victoria Pleasure Ground

Returning the memorial – constructed in memory of the first rector of Uckfield – to a more central location has long been an aspiration of the town council and at one time it was thought the relocation could take place as part of the High Street improvement works which ended last September.

The town council has allocated £5,000 for renovation works in its current budget (2016/2017).

Three suggestions for a new location have all run into difficulties.

On the footpath near the bridge of the Uck.  the county council said the drinking trough was too large and would restrict pedestrian access.

Red telephone box

Replacing the red phone box near the station car park – once the phone box has been moved. The site is suitable and would not restrict visibility for vehicles leaving the car park. However, relocation of the box to south of the old post office may be delayed while waiting for BT to remove an existing, disused box.

Replacing one of the two High Street public telephone kiosks, once it has been removed.

Moving it to the forecourt of Bridge Cottage has been discounted.

Town councillors have also asked whether the memorial should be restored and left at its current site.

From our files

November 2015

Who was the Rev Cardale and what’s the link with disappeared Earl, Lord Lucan?

Bringing the Cardale memorial “home”

The town council first discussed the memorial in the summer of 2010 – story here

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