Foresters Hall, Uckfield - hire charges set to rise from next financial year

Hire costs to rise at Uckfield civic buildings

Hire charges for rooms at the Uckfield Civic Centre, Foresters Hall and the Victoria and West Park Pavilions are set to rise from April 1 next year.

An across-the-board increase of about three per cent was agreed by members of the town council on Monday (October 20).

Examples of increases are:

Weald Hall (non-commercial) + VAT would go up from £21 per hour to £21.60. The commercial rate would go up from £49.70 to £51.20.

Council chamber (non-commercial) + VAT would rise by 30p per hour to £10.90 while the commercial figure would go up 55p to £18.55 per hour.

At the Foresters Hall the main hall currently costs £8.90 per hour +VAT for adult groups. This will now rise to £9.15 per hour.

The council uses a formula to determine increases based on running costs or caretaking costs.

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