Discussions at the exhibition showing the latest plans for Uckfield High Street.

High Street works at ‘take it, or leave it’ stage in Uckfield

Talks going on about how to enforce parking limits

High Street improvements in Uckfield have reached a “take it, or leave stage” it emerged yesterday (June 26) as the latest plans went on public display.

UckfieldNews.com can also reveal talks are going on to try and ensure time limits on the proposed 23 spaces in the High Street are enforced.

A two-day exhibition opened at Uckfield Civic Centre yesterday and continues today (June 27) from 10am to 4pm.

Details of the £3m proposals have been published, see here

You can give your views at the exhibition or online by sending an email to:


Discussions with officials and councillors at the exhibition established that the plan, which shows 23 on-street parking spaces, would not be further negotiated.

If there is  overwhelming opposition, the High Street improvements will be dropped.

That would mean money allocated to the scheme, collected from housebuilders under Section 106 agreements, known as the “roof tax”, would be repaid, with interest. The money is specifically allocated to the High Street works and cannot, by legal agreement, be used elsewhere.

An East Sussex County Council official told UckfieldNews.com that if – hypothetically – the town centre project board, which is overseeing the scheme, decided not to go ahead, the money would be “given back”.

“It’s this, or nothing,” this website was told.

Kelvin Williams, head of planning for Wealden District Council (the planning authority), said the scheme must meet the aims sets out in the legal agreements with the housing developers. If not, there would be demands for repayments.

He said discussions were going on to try and ensure the parking spaces in the High Street were monitored and enforced.

Part of this weekend’s consultation asks townspeople to say whether they prefer 20-minute slots or 30 minutes.

Mr Williams said an enforcement regime was being discussed with Network Rail  (its station car park is due to open in the middle of next month), Wealden council (which controls the Luxford Field parking) and Sussex Police.

At the moment, the Police are responsible for enforcing parking regulations in Uckfield High Street.

Here is a scan of one of the documents available at the exhibition. Click to enlarge. It shows where the parking spaces would be in the High Street.

town centre improvements

Traders who oppose the removal of parking spaces again made their case to councillors and officials.

A major concern for people was the length of the works, if approval is given to the scheme,

Officials said Health and Safety regulations became ever more stringent to ensure the safety of the workforce. In addition space was needed to carry out the construction and store the materials.

People are being asked for their opinions on how traffic should be regulated during the works. Options are on view at the exhibition and were detailed here

Josh Gibbens, the lead petitioner for the Parish Poll “referendum” on High Street parking, said he was not planning a similar campaign.

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