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Independent columnist, Obvserver, gets ready for Uckfield Carnival day

Uckfield Carnival is the high-spot on the town’s calendar bringing thousands of people into the town centre for a most spectacular show.

It is part of the wonderful Bonfire tradition in Sussex; something you won’t find, I believe, anywhere else in the UK.

The Bonfire “season” will attract huge crowds to town’s and villages across the county over the next few months, each event with a special character of its own.

Uckfield begins the Bonfire year with the events of November 5 in Britain’s Bonfire capital of Lewes being the highlight.

Lewes may be the jewel in the crown but every other society sparkles so today I raise my glass to Uckfield and the nearby societies of Newick and East Hoathly, where there is a Remembrance theme to the event which is truly moving.

Bonfire is brought to you by relatively small teams of people who work hard throughout the year to ensure their town and village’s event is spectacular and safe.

Spare a thought for them today as they will work tirelessly from sun up to well past sun down.

The other great thing is how the Bonfire societies support one another. It makes the occasion what it is.

Enjoy, be safe and be generous so the Bonfire society has a pile cash to give out to deserving charities and good causes.

Carnival timings

SAD TO READ that a Newick man was a victim of the Shoreham air show crash. The event has affected people across Sussex and beyond who find it hard to comprehend how such a dreadful tragedy could have occured.

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