A snake found in the St Mary's Mead area of Buxted. The finders are trying to trace the owners.

Have you lost a snake in Buxted?

Have you lost a snake in Buxted? One has been found in a garden in the St Mary’s Mead area.

The RSPCA has been called and is coming out to collect the snake at about 1pm but the finders are hoping to reunite it with its owners before they arrive.

They were mowing their lawn this morning when they came across the snake which is about three feet long.

Somebody who has seen it believes it to be a domestic snake which might have esaped from a nearby house.

They don’t know how far snakes can travel in mileage but wonder whether it could have come from within the reaches of Uckfield and surrounding areas.

If you know who the snake might belong to please contact Uckfield News and we will put you in touch with the finders.

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