Have public lavatories disappeared off the face of the earth, asks Observer?

Observer asks are there towns still left that have plenty of public loos; hopes the Speedwatch scheme goes out to the housing estates and still feels safe in London.

It seemed a few months back that the former public lavatories at the Luxford Field car park were to be brought back into use by the town council.


The Luxford Field car park lavatories – now set for demolition

They ditched the idea and now Wealden District Council, the owners, are to demolish them and create more car parking spaces.

Public loos seem to have disappeared off the face of Britain, or am I not looking properly?

Anyone know of towns where there are plenty of lavatories available?

SPEEDWATCH: I fully approve of the Speedwatch plan for Uckfield.

However, can they get set up in the residential areas of the town?

Let’s see the crew out on the Circuit of Rocks Park, the Browns Lane Hill Climb, the Nevill Road Switchback, the aptly named The Drive and the like.

Also, I hope it is not a 9 to 5 job. Speeding often occurs early morning, the evenings and weekends.

SECURITY: Returning to work in London on Monday morning, I half expected to see the Army on London Bridge.

Uckfield train at London Bridge

An Uckfield-bound train at London Bridge station

There was no visible sign, or to my view, of any increased police presence at main line rail stations.

It was reassuring to me that security had been stepped up after the Paris attacks with seemingly so little fuss.

In all likelihood the SAS were there looking like any other commuter.

Anyway, I still felt safe in London.

WELL DONE for the county council’s positive response over consultation in Uckfield over its waste plan.

After my criticism last week, it didn’t take long for extended hours to be announced.

The council says the plan is not technology specific and does not promote incineration.

However, among the “opportunities” for the site are “potential to connect to major heat users and potential to connect to the National Grid”.

Turning waste into energy means burning or incineration; unless the county council scholars were far better at science when at school than I was.

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