Latest pile of rubbish to be dumped near the River Uck in Uckfield.

Growing frustration over fly-tipping in Uckfield

Frustration is growing about an increasing number of fly-tipping incidents along the banks of the River Uck in Uckfield.

A member of the Brighter Uckfield team of volunteers, who spend hours litter-picking on town streets, has met with a Wealden District Council representative to discuss the problem and his conclusion is that cameras are needed to gather evidence and identify the perpetrators.

Neil Kerridge from Brighter Uckfield said on the group’s Facebook page yesterday there had been a third major fly-tipping incident in as many weeks behind units off Bell Lane.

This time the load was too heavy to end up in the river so it was dumped in the car park.

“Brighter Uckfield met with Wealden on site, but as it was dumped on private property the unfortunate owners will have to pay for it to be removed themselves.

“The owner of one business said they had been there for 23 years and there had been no fly-tipping problems until the past few weeks.”

Neil added on the Uckfield Talk Facebook page that he had discovered the latest fly-tipping just minutes after meeting one of Wealden’s Street Scene Enforcement officers, Darin Birmingham.

He phoned Darin who came back immediately.

Neil said: “Having seen him look at this incident, I learned a few things of note. He is extremely motivated to find perpetrators, and is very passionate about the problem – he really wants to catch these people. However, there is a burden of proof which is almost impossible to meet.

“The packaging dumped with the chest freezer three weeks ago had barcode purchase information on it, but he said that would not help him track down the owner of rubbish as the store wouldn’t release purchase information due to data protection restrictions.

“The stuff dumped today included an old school book with a boy’s name in it, but it dated back to 2009 which was too old to be admissible evidence apparently.

“The only real way of securing a conviction is to get video camera evidence showing faces or registration. I could mention the name in the school book, but I don’t think it wise on Facebook, and there was evidence to suggest that the boy possibly came from Pevensey, so probably would not be known around here anyway.”

Neil’s conclusion was that cameras were needed. It was suggested by Josh Gibbens, who first raised awareness of the fly-tipping problem, that traders or locals should come together to provide them.

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