Grit bins to be discussed at Uckfield Town Council meeting

Grit bins across Uckfield were due to be refilled by the end of this week, according to a report going to the town council on Monday – but that was promised before the latest snow-fall.

The report also reveals the approximate cost of a bin filled with grit as £300 and a refill as £70.

The report for a full meeting of the council says there are 17 grit bins in Uckfield. Twelve are owned by the town council and five by the county council.

All were supplied and initially filled by the county council, which also covered public liability. The town council was given a licence for its bins because they are installed on highway land.

It was recently discovered that while the town council had never paid for refilling the bins the original agreement did not include a refill charge.

The county has agreed to continue to refill the 12 bins free of charge but has said that they will charge for the refilling of any new grit bins.

The report goes on to say that councillors would be aware there had been a great number of requests for additional bins to be placed around the town 'although it appears that until recently the existing bins were not used a great deal.

'It is futher understood from anecdotal comments that the grit from bins has been used on private paths and drives rather than on pavements and roads.'

The report also says there is no legal requirement for the county council to spread salt to alleviate problems with ice and 'it is incumbent on drivers of vehicles to drive to the condition of the road, regardless of whether the roads have been pre-salted or not.'

It adds however that the county has advised: 'We are fully committed to keepinig the roads and pavements as safe as possible for the travelling public. Whenever ice or snow is forecast we pre-treat over 800 miles of our road network with salt to reduce the potential for ice forming on the road surface.'


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