Vivid green water running in a stream through Views Wood, Uckfield. Picture: Al Pedersen.

Green water and piles of white powder – Views Wood mysteries resolved

Update on Monday, February 27: Two mysteries that puzzled people walking in Views Wood at the end of last week have been resolved.

One was vivid green liquid discolouring a stream and the other was little piles and circles of white powder.

Southern Water identified the green colouring as a tracing dye on Saturday, and now we know that the white powder marks were temporary orienteering marks made from flour.

Dave Hubbard and Craig Beebee both contacted Uckfield to solve the mystery.

Dave said: “They are temporary orienteering marks for ‘hashers’ made from flour. Hash House Harriers is an international inclusive running organisation, conceived by British forces in Malaya in 1950s.

“The nearest chapters are in Brighton, East Grinstead, Hastings, Henfield, and Westerham. Runs are set weekly by one or two ‘hares’ starting from local pubs and a group of harriers try to follow the flour. The different trail marks intend to slow faster runners so young and old finish together”.

Read more about the green water and white powder mysteries in earlier Uckfield News stories here:

Update at 5pm: Southern Water says green liquid spotted in a stream in Views Wood is a tracing dye used to trace the route of drain water.

Al Pedersen who sent Uckfield News pictures of the vivid green water earlier today says Southern Water has now told him the dye is not pollution and will not harm the environment.

Al said: “I’m breathing a sigh of relief. Here is a link to the supplier of this dye. I have never heard of this before. It would have been nice if Southern Water could have let someone know beforehand, anyway I’m glad it has come to a good conclusion.”

So … what is the white powder also spotted in the wood?

Meanwhile … white powder circles and little piles of white powder have also been spotted in Views Wood. Does anyone know what they might be? Thanks to Donna Weller for the pictures below.

white-powder-donna-weller white-powder-donna-weller-2



Southern Water sends pollution team to Views Wood

From our original story earlier today: Southern Water is sending a pollution team to Views Wood, Uckfield, following reports of stream water being coloured a vivid green.

Al Pedersen has sent Uckfield News these pictures after following the course of the stream. He suspects the pollutant is anti-freeze or screenwash that has leaked into the drain.

He said: “I have spoken with Southern Water and they will be sending their pollution team. They have promised to update me.”


Another of Al Pedersen’s pictures showing the polluted stream in Views Wood, Uckfield.

The video below was taken by Matt Thiselton who also spotted the vivid green water.


Twelve-year-old Emily Fletcher also took pictures of the polluted stream in Views Wood yesterday. They can be seen below. Thank you to Emily’s mum Caroline who sent them to us.



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