Great view of the Vulcan at the Lavender Line, Isfield

The Lavender Line proved a great place to be when the world’s last flying Vulcan bomber flew overhead this afternoon on one of her farewell tours around the country. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.


Volunteers at the preserved railway station in Isfield yesterday narrowed the arrival time down to about 1.30pm, then today to 2.15pm. The former nuclear bomber came into view just after 2pm.

Those who remembered the Vulcan’s appearance at Eastbourne Airbourne in August contrasted the howl of its Olympus engines in display mode then, with its almost whispering appearance today at what seemed to be just above tree height.

The fly past took place in a matter of seconds but there was still plenty of time for photographers to get their shots.

Lavender Line volunteers opened up a field next to the railway and invited visitors to come early, park there, enjoy breakfast at the Cinders Buffet, and have a ride on a shuttle train.

A bonus for those who did just that was the sight of a 1902 Renault Model G vintage car leaving the station with its driver and passenger wrapped in furs. There was no windscreen or roof on this vehicle so they were pleased it was a sunny day.


A 1902 Renault Model G ready to leave the Lavender Line, its driver and passenger wrapped in furs on the sunny but cold day.




Thanks to David Williams for the pictures below, which were also taken at Isfield:

XH558 over Isfield 1a

XH558 over Isfield 2a

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