Great ideas for Uckfield but how much will it cost, asks Observer?

Our independent columnist Observer looks at the town council’s spending ideas and asks what it means for the council tax; plus a  Dog of the Week and rail line disruption.


Town councillors set out a vision this week of what they think is important, based on what people are telling them.

That’s democracy at work and why we have a lengthy, and costly, list of items councillors are considering putting in their budget for the next financial year.

So among items up for consideration are:

  • A PCSO at £31,000;
  • An environmental warden at £15,000;
  • Improvements to leisure areas at £7,200.

On top of that, the council will need:

  • Thousands of pounds if it is to take over the running of the now closed public loos at Luxford Fieldluxford_toilets_lavatories
  • And a fair chunk of money to put in more litter bins, which are sorely needed.

If all those ideas are finally approved after a lengthy budget process the Uckfield Town Council share of the council tax will jump.

And, you must remember, a lot of these will incur ongoing running costs which will affect the budget for years to come.

I can make out a good case for a dedicated Uckfield PCSO – I haven’t seen one for months.

I can make out an equally good case for an environmental warden, as long as the duties involve litter picking.

I support improvements to the leisure facilities and admire what has been done in recent years.

Some weeks back I warned the town council of the danger of “mission creep” – taking on the jobs that properly belong to other authorities, such as the police, the county council and Wealden council.

If this lot goes through it will – in military terms – go from mission creep to a full-scale invasion.

Townspeople can see the costs, but what do they mean in council tax terms?

My friend in the Dog and Duck reckons for every £5,500 the council spends, the band D council tax goes up by £1.

The policies set out will be popular in many quarters. How affordable are they?


Blaise at Lloyds Bank in Uckfield

DOG OF THE WEEK has to be Blaise who has a bank account at Lloyds. I just loved this story and wonderful photograph with the Golden Retriever with its cheque book in its mouth.


Train from London Bridge approaches the curent end of the platform

ON THE TRAINS: The headline said Uckfield Line rail line disruption a month away (when talking about closures to allow platform lengthening works).

My immediate thought was, no it’s not.

I bet disruption is less than a few hours away.

I wasn’t disappointed.

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