The verge beside the B2102 as it comes from the Uckfield by-pass into the town centre

Grass cutting review targets improvements to roadside verges

Cutting of grass verges in the Uckfield area may be taken over by the town council.

The aim would to be improve standards.

If the scheme goes through, Uckfield will join Hailsham and Maresfield councils in having verge cutting devolved to them by East Sussex County Council.

Town councillors are investigating the financial implications of such a move.

E and L March 29 2016

Members of Uckfield Town Council’s environment and leisure committee at their meeting on March 29

They want to know whether the county’s financial contributions would continue and increase year-on-year to reflect increased costs.

Papers put before the council’s environment and leisure committee said Hailsham had managed the grass verges in its area for many years and enhanced the service with an additional five cuts over those provided by East Sussex County Council (ESCC).

“The enhanced service offered in Hailsham ensures a much better standard of work and more pleasant environment for residents,” a report said.

Uckfield Town Council is liaising with surrounding parish councils to see whether a joint approach can be taken.

In recent years the number of cuts has been reduced by the county council and now amounts to five throughout the growing season, although one more may be reinstated following the letting of a new highways contract.

Grass verge on the Eastbourne Road, Uckfield

Grass verge on the Eastbourne Road, Uckfield

The report added:

“There are numerous areas of grass accessible to the public in Uckfield and the responsibility for the maintenance of these areas rests with a variety of owners including ESCC, Wealden District Council (WDC), Uckfield Town Council and some private managing agents for areas of land on private housing estates such as the Federated Homes Estate.

“All of these different land owners arrange for their areas of land to be cut on different cutting schedules and as a result there is no continuity within the town.

“Bringing the areas managed by Uckfield and ESCC together would enable some continuity to be achieved.”

Various financial models are under consideration, including the council carrying out the work in-house or engaging a sub-contractor.

Joining with surrounding parishes would help ensure a more favourable financial outcome.

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