Grass comes through on reinforced verges in Downsview Crescent

Newly seeded grass is growing beautifully on Downsview Crescent verges.

Newly seeded grass is doing well as work continues in Downsview Crescent, Uckfield, to reinforce verges with a plastic material.

The aim, according to East Sussex Highways, is to allow grass to regrow, while providing a more solid surface.


The verges have taken a battering for years because of vehicles parking on them while children are dropped off and picked up from nearby schools.

Newly seeded grass is coming through well on surfaces already treated – but already there are signs that people won’t be taking any more care with their parking once the work is completed.

Our pictures show where the work is taking place and the state of the verges at the moment.

Signs warn of work on the verges at the bottom of Downsview Crescent.

Just completed, one of the verges in Downsview Crescent to be reinforced with plastic.

Where the grass is still coming through it is possible to see the plastic mesh which will reinforce the verges.

Still to be tackled, one of the verges destroyed by vehicles parking on it at school drop-off and pick-up times.

Another verge that still has to be done.

And already there are signs that drivers aren’t going to change their behaviour, see tyre tracks across a newly seeded verge.

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