Government should step in and sort out plastic recycling, says Observer

Our Saturday independent columnist Observer believes recycling, especially of plastics, needs re-booting with national standards.


There was no more ardent recycler than myself.

Anything I believed that could be recycled was recycled – paper, cardboard, tins, bottles and plastic.

Plastic, there’s the problem.


I now feel I have been wasting much of my time and effort over many years assiduously recycling plastic.

First, I discover that it was being shipped abroad [external link] for disposal – in many cases dumped and then I find much plastic packaging cannot be recycled [external link] at all.

This is particularly the case with plastic containers used by supermarkets.

It leaves me wondering: just which plastic items can be recycled and which cannot?

Refuse bin

If I have any doubt, these days it’s in the refuse bin and off to the incinerator it goes.

The problem is there is no certainty and we end up with some UK councils claiming to recycle certain products while others turn them away.

It’s time for the government and packaging industry to sit down and agree national standards for containers which mean that will and can be recycled at all times by all councils.

Proper labelling

There should be a clear mark on the label so we all know where we stand.

Locally, the recycling/refuse/garden waste collections seems once again to be falling away.

They rallied for a couple of week but the downward spiral seems to have resumed.


Wealden District Council need to focus the minds of its contractor.

These days, it appears that commercial companies which win public service contracts can get away with shoddy service: think Southern on the trains and Kier for refuse.

What do they have to do to lose their monopoly?

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